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Hi, I'm Karin. I'm the Amazon best-selling author of YouTube for Real Estate Agents. Learn how to get free real estate leads and never cold call again.

Hi, I'm Karin! I'm a REALTOR® in Savannah, GA and the head YouTuber in Charge of the Georgia Coast Homes Team with Real Broker. (Like that title? I made it up. I thought it sounded cool!)

How long have you been trying to get clients from cold calls, Facebook friends from high school, or other worn-out, old-school strategies? (Looking at you, door knocking…)

A week?

A month? 

...Or has it been years? 

Every Monday, you sit down with a piping-hot latte from the Starbucks drive-through and promise yourself that THIS is going to be the week you fill your pipeline to bursting.

After all, everyone tells you that real estate is supposed to be good money, right?

So you run an ad on Facebook...and get a bunch of leads…

Who are planning to buy a home—three years from now if they can raise their credit scores.

Or you pay for low-quality leads that have zero loyalty to you—from companies that have their sights set on undermining your business to begin with.  (Due to anti-trust laws I'm not supposed to tell you that Squillow is to real estate agents what Expedia was to travel agents. Do you really want to give your money to them so they can make your career obsolete in a few years?)

And worst of all, you spend tons and tons of time chasing people who don't answer the phone, don't reply to texts or open your emails, or just flat out give you fake contact information. 

You’re stuck on a treadmill that’s missing an off button.

It's not that you're lazy or incapable…

You just can't sell properties if you have nobody to sell them to.

You’re thiiiiis close to heading over to the supermarket with your name tag on upside down, in hopes that some unsuspecting person in the produce section just happens to have “a daughter who’s looking to buy a million-dollar home and needs a real estate agent right now!”

Believe me, I've been there.

I almost flunked out of real estate in 2015 after I'd moved to a new market and couldn't find a client with both hands and a flashlight.

But then...

EVERYTHING changed. I started making YouTube videos.

After a few months of making one video a week my phone started ringing with calls from people who wanted to hire me. Now I have multiple closings each month, all from clients who found me on YouTube - without spending money on ads!  

These are the things I do that have been getting me free leads from YouTube for years now! Trust me - it works. Following these steps with every video I make gets my phone to ring, and now you can do it too!

Download the Video Agent Blueprint and learn how you can stop chasing leads and learn to attract them instead.

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