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You want a pipeline overflowing with leads that
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The only problem is... how the heck do you start?!

There are 3 main hurdles that are keeping you from having the business you want...

Which one is keeping you stuck?

Problem No. 1

You’re trying to be everything to everyone. You feel like you could help anyone and everyone that wants to buy or sell any type of property anywhere in the geographic region that you service.

Problem No. 2
You don’t have a clear marketing strategy. As REALTORSⓇ , it is SO easy to fall victim to ‘shiny object syndrome’ when we are prospecting for new business. You try to be present on every platform but end up floundering because the moment you hit ‘post,’ your content seems to be swallowed up by the algorithm. You put a lot of effort into creating content, but it isn’t being discovered by your ideal client when they need it. The cycle repeats, and you don’t get the results you want AND deserve.

Problem No. 3
You know that video is the answer, but you don’t know the best strategy. You know your market and your business inside and out. You’re an expert and have a lot to offer your clients, but you need a way to show them! But you aren't sure which platform works best or what type of videos to make that will lead to new clients.

It feels like there are SO MANY THINGS standing in your way, which is causing you to...

Opt for lead generation strategies you don’t love (like paying for crappy leads or cold-calling until you want to poke your eyes out with a fork)

Settle for less in business (and in life). Let's face it... working crazy long hours for demanding clients who don't value your time or expertise makes you feel like a doormat.

And no matter how hard you try, you're struggling to have any sort of work-life balance because the minute you close a transaction, it's time to start pounding the pavement to find your next client all over again. Sound familiar?

Here’s What You’re Getting Inside The Video Boss Bootcamp Reboot:

The recordings from the 5 days of live training to take you from “I don’t even know where to begin” to setting up your channel and start generating high-quality leads while you sleep ($2500 Value)

Each of the recorded training sessions will help you work through the key ingredients. I've taken the highs and lows of my own business, what worked and what totally flopped, and have distilled them into the essential steps you can take RIGHT NOW to turn your YouTube Channel into a lead-generating machine. Let me shorten the learning curve for you!

Training 1: Nailing your Niche

You need a specialty. Trying to attract anyone who wants to buy or sell in your entire market area is the fastest way to get… NOWHERE. On Day 1, we'll talk about choosing a niche. And guess what… you don’t have to work with people you don’t like just because you are desperate for the business ever again. You can actually work with clients you enjoy!

Training 2: Overhauling Your Banner Image

The cover photo on your YouTube channel is important and often overlooked. You'll learn the key components your channel art MUST have to attract your ideal prospects easily.

Training 3: The Secret to Getting Found

This is the “SECRET SAUCE” to getting your videos found and watched by people who are in the market to buy or sell soon. On Day 3, you'll learn how to get inside your ideal client’s head and serve up exactly what they are looking for when they are looking for it. No more trying to post at exactly the right time or being swallowed up by the algorithm. No more posting five times a day on social and praying that you get some engagement! I’ll show you how to make data-driven decisions when it comes to creating content. Knowing what your prospects are searching for and irresistible titles are ESSENTIAL to your success on YouTube.

Training 4: Click-Worthy Thumbnails

You could have the BEST video on the planet, but if your title and thumbnail stink, NO ONE will ever see it. I’ll share with you what works and what doesn’t when it comes to crafting clickable thumbnails. We’ll also talk about how to monitor your success and pivot as needed.

Training 5: Getting your Phone to Ring

It’s not enough to get people to watch our videos. We need them to TAKE ACTION. I’ll share tips, tricks, and secrets I’ve picked up along the way to get them to hand you their contact information on a silver platter so your phone starts ringing with clients who can’t wait to work with you. Spoiler Alert: The secret is a compelling call to action. And it’s not, “Here’s my phone number. Call me for a private showing.”

I WANT The Bootcamp Recordings

There’s more! Over $500 of additional BONUSES, including...

Worksheets and Templates for Identifying your Niche & Setting your Channel up for SUCCESS
($199 Value)

I'm handing over done-for-you worksheets and templates to help you set up your YouTube Channel for success from DAY ONE. No more wasting time!

Our BRAND NEW Fill-in-the-Blank Video Boss Blueprint so you know exactly WHAT to post on your YouTube Channel to Grow Your Biz ($397 Value)

One of the most challenging parts of posting YouTube videos is being consistent. You COULD be doing many things to grow your business (remember the ‘shiny object syndrome’ we discussed earlier). With this Blueprint, you will focus on mapping out AWESOME content that suits your niche, goals, and long-term success strategy. Consider this a roadmap to YouTubing success.

Get the recordings from the step-by-step training to grow your YouTube channel, all for just $17!

When you get access to Video Boss Bootcamp Reboot recordings, you'll get…

  • Training 1: Nailing your Niche
    ($500 Value)
  • Training 2: Overhaul your Banner Image
    ($500 Value)
  • Training 3: The Secret to Getting Found
    ($500 Value)
  • Training 4: Creating Click-Worthy Thumbnails ($500 Value)
  • Training 5: Getting your Phone to Ring
    ($500 Value)
  • Done-for-You Worksheets and Templates
    ($199 Value)
  • ​Fill-in-the-Blank Video Boss Blueprint
    ($397 Value)

Snag over $3,000 in value...
...for just $17

What other agents are saying about the
power of working with Karin

Here’s the thing — creating videos that have leads calling and asking, “Are you currently accepting new clients?” (yes, that seriously happens)” isn’t rocket science…

My name is Karin Carr. I've been a real estate agent since 2005, and my husband and I have relocated several times. Every time we moved, I felt like a brand new agent all over again. I had zero name recognition, sphere of influence, database, or market share.

In June 2017, we moved from Atlanta to Savannah, and I had to start over in a new market YET AGAIN. With no clients and no money coming in, I decided to go all in on my YouTube channel.

I loved being a video creator and figured it would be a solid approach way to building name recognition. I dedicated my time and energy to learning as much as possible about building an engaging YouTube channel. And my business SKYROCKETED!

I now get over 75% of my business from my YouTube channel with ZERO COLD CALLING. That means I never have to farm, cold call, or send mailers. You get it; closings!

By the time prospects reach out to me, they’ve already decided to work with me. Because they can tell I’m really busy, they ask if I’m taking on new clients at the present moment. Even when I go on listings appointments, they invariably say they feel like they know me already. Typically, I’m the only REALTOR® they interview!

This strategy has worked amazingly well for me, and now I want to share it with you. I have helped thousands of agents around the world create YouTube channels that bring them a ton of clients. Will you be next?

Yes, I Want The Bootcamp Recordings