Why REALTORS Should FINALLY Start a YOUTUBE Channel in 2024

The real estate industry is about to face a seismic shift, and if you don’t have a system to consistently attract new clients, trust me, you’ll be left behind. If you want to reach more paying clients, you need to do something different, and maybe thats start a successful YouTube channel.

But here’s the thing... Most agents are doing YouTube all wrong! They churn out generic videos and then wonder why they get no leads.

Before hitting record, you need a clear direction. Why? Because there’s no point creating videos that bring no results.

If you're new to videos, download my FREE Essential Gear Checklist here to know the equipment and software that I recommend using. You don't need a lot, just some basics that will make your videos look 100 times better.

Here are the top three things that your brand new YouTube channel needs:

#1 - Clear, Intriguing Titles

Titles like “47 Islanders Retreat” are confusing. What does that mean? People will wonder whether it’s an address, and if so is it a luxury beachfront property, or the cheapest house in town? When viewers read the title, they should have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to talk about.

A good title eliminates all the confusion yet still sparks interest. Imagine a title so intriguing, people can’t resist clicking. It should also gives the viewers the answers they’re craving for.

Here’s a pro tip! People are drawn to negative titles. For example, “The Condo Crisis in Florida” is more likely to be clicked on than “Condos for Sale in South Florida.”

#2 - Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Your thumbnail is like a movie poster for your video. It needs to grab attention in a sea of scrolling content.

But do not make the mistake of repeating the title in your thumbnail! You’re just wasting valuable space. The thumbnail and your title should work together, but they shouldn’t be redundant.

I made my own thumbnails in Canva for a very long time - but they weren’t good when I first started. So, if you can pay someone else to make them for you, I highly recommend that you do that.

#3 - Give YouTube What It Wants - Watch Time!)

YouTube thrives on keeping viewers engaged. The longer they watch, the better. But how do you give YouTube what it wants?

Publish more videos. The more content you have, the more opportunities for discovery.

Your videos should be longer. Ditch the 2-minute videos. People searching for solutions are happy to watch longer content to find answers.

Your videos should be better. Don’t worry, I’m not talking Hollywood productions. But focus on improving your on-camera presence. Let your personality shine, make eye contact, and show some enthusiasm.

Don’t be afraid to take a stand, even if it’s something that others might not agree with. As long as you’re genuine, your viewpoint can spark conversation and attract viewers.

The Biggest Mistake that Real Estate Agents Make on YouTube

Many agents spend months creating content that nobody sees. Why? Because they focus on short, entertaining videos.

When you push out this kind of videos, you get viewers who are only looking for a quick laugh - not the solutions to real estate problems they might have. You need to publish horizontal, long-form content that attracts viewers who are actively seeking real estate solutions.

This blog post just scratched the surface. If you’d like a more in-depth guide, check out this video!

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